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E-commerce instructions

From our homepage www.pandistribuzione.it (on the main menu), click on the SHOP ONLINE link.

On the SHOP ONLINE page, you have two ways of selecting books. In the RICERCA ("Search") field, you may indicate any title or artist on which you want to conduct a free search. Then click OK! and the search starts.


Alternatively, if you know the title you want, you may consult the COLLANA ("Series") menu, and select the title or book that you choose. Then press OK!


Please note: many of Panini's best comics and mangas are included as part of "umbrella titles" under a generic title (i.e. LODOSS WAR is featured in COLLANA JAPAN, FINAL FANTASY guides are part of SPECIAL EVENTS, and so on). Use the "search" field if you are unsure about the exact title which includes your favorite comic or manga.


Our system will then list all the books which satisfy your query.

Each listing includes:
- title of the comic and its number. If the number is 000, this was a one shot and not part of a series
- brand under which the comic was released (Marvel Italia, Planet Manga or Cult Comics)
- date in which the comic was first released. This field is blank for comics released prior to April 1999.
- PREZZO DI COPERTINA (cover price) in Euros
- PREZZO SCONTATO (discounted price) in Euros


The little icons on the right side of each listing are the most important ones :

- the magnifying lense allows you to access the details of the comic (its cover, the plot)
- the red cross means the comic is out of stock forever
- the IN ARRIVO logo ("coming up") means the book is still nreleased or momentarily our of stock


Below the white area with the listing of comics, you have other crucial buttons:

When you are in the CARRELLO ("shopping basket") area, you visualize the comics which you have picked for purchase. Each line describes the comics selected, their price and the quantity ordered.


Below the list of selected comics, the total of the order is mentioned in euros. The system automatically calculates freight cost.


Using the buttons below you may:

- AGGIORNA: to change the quantities ordered. If you modify the quantity to 0, you cancel a purchase
-PROCEDI CON L'ACQUISTO ("end purchase"): proceed to checkout
-TORNA ALLO SHOP: go to the preceding page


If you press PROCEDI CON L'ACQUISTO, you find yourself in a page asking for you to log in. If this is your first purchase, you need to register on our e-commerce serice.


In the REGISTRAZIONE page, please fill all the relevant information:

NOME UTENTE = username
NOME: first name
COGNOME: last name
INDIRIZZO: street address
N. - street number
CITTÀ: city
PROVINCIA (province, only in Italy)
STATO : state, only for federations like the US, Australia or Canada
NAZIONE: country
CAP: zip code
TELEFONO: phone number
MODALITÀ DI PAGAMENTO: payment selection. Only CARTA DI CREDITO (credit card) is allowed for foreign payments. Visa and Mastercard only, sorry!
MODALITÀ DI SPEDIZIONE: Corriere (courier) is the only option
SESSO: gender
DATA DI NASCITA :date of birth
VUOI ESSERE ISCRITTO ALLA MAILING LIST? Do you want to subcribe to our mailing list (new every week)?
VUOI RICEVERE PUBBLICITÀ: do you want to receive ads?


After you finish filling in the registration form, press INVIA.
You will see a confirmation list of your personal info. To go back and modify any elements, please click on MODIFICA I TUOI DATI.
Otherwise, click OK.
You will see again a list of your purchases. Click CONFERMA to confirm.

You are now in our bank's encrypted payment page; all instructions here also in English, so you may go ahead and insert your VISA or MASTERCARD number.


You will receive a confirmation mail and a copy of your order.